4 Exercises You Can Do with Your Baby

Hello, Lovelies! I know summer is almost over and most of us are like “Meh, who needs to work out anymore? Pass me the pumpkin spice everything.Been there! I would kind of half-ass work out in the summertime just to feel like I was doing something, and then as soon as I felt a slight chill in the air it was like:

Enough of that, thanks very much. I’ve since gotten a little perspective and realized maybe working out isn’t all about having a hot body. . .weird. Imagine that. Sometimes, working out and eating healthy is actually about being healthy. I know. Crazy concept. Anyway, back to the point of my whole story, I was pretty good at making excuses not to work out. The best of them being:

I have a baby. I can’t. Nope. Sorry.

Even the super short workouts, I would say I didn’t have time because of the baby. Now that I’m on my third baby, I realized I’m never actually going to have time for anything for the next 18 or so years. I have to make the time.

I’ve gotten myself on a decent schedule and can usually work out while Miss Carter June is asleep. I’ve also taken to pawning the kids off on dad and bolting for the gym like my life depends on it (hey, some days that’s how it feels).

I say pretty good schedule because duh. Carter is a baby and last time I checked, babies aren’t real big fans of following schedules, especially when they don’t revolve around their eating schedule. Meh. Can’t win ’em all. Plus, she’s really cute so I can’t complain too much 😉

On the days when Carter doesn’t give a hoot about whether or not mom wants to work out, I improvise! Here are 4 moves you can do, using your sweet babe as a weight so you can get your workout in and keep the little one happy!

1. Sumo Squats

I do sumo squats just about every time I work out; they work your booty and your inner thighs like nobody’s business. Add some (literal) baby weight and you’re good to go!

2. Hip Presses

Another butt burner! I normally do this with an 8-pound weight, so upgrading to a 17 pound baby was no joke!

3. Push-ups

Okay, not gonna lie. Push-ups suck. Not for everyone, but they suck for me. Working on my upper body strength is my biggest goal right now; these teeny arms need some definition! I will say that giving the cute baby underneath me kisses after every rep helped push me through the pain, LOL.

4. Leg Lifts

These work your abs and your legs (mostly your inner thighs), and it’s very important to have your lower back stay on the floor while doing this move. Having some baby weight (see what I did there?) helps keep your back pressed down and prevents injury.

Well, there you have it! Do each of these moves for one minute, and then repeat the circuit twice. It’s a quick but effective work out, and a good way to keep your baby content for a little bit!

Now, did I hear someone say Pumpkin Spice. . . ?

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