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Shift Shop Week 1 Review

If you’re at all familiar with Beachbody, you’ve probably seen or heard of the new program by the name of Shift Shop that was just released a few weeks ago by new Beachbody super trainer, Chris Downing.

Shift Shop is considered a rapid rebuild program, which means you start off with shorter, (but still challenging) 25 minute workouts and then work your way up to 45 minute workouts in week 3.


This program is an agility style workout that makes me somewhat reminisce on my high school days on the drill and track teams. I have to say this is one of my favorite workout styles because I feel like I’m training for something, not just doing a bunch of random moves.

Shift Shop alternates between cardio and weight training, with three days of core work added in at the end of the week.

The schedule is as follows:

On “Speed” days, you use these super cool Beachbody Agility Markers in multiple formations to assist you with your workouts. Or, in my case, the props you used for your photo booth at your wedding, LOL.

On “Strength” days, you just use your regular old set of light and medium weights.

The meal plan on week 1 is similar to the meal plan you’d follow in the 21 Day Fix and also uses portion control containers. There are a couple differences, like more protein and less carbs (my poor, broken heart). However, I am nursing so I added in some extra veggies and healthy fats so I wouldn’t affect my supply.

Below is a sample of the meal plan I followed for week 1. I’ll spare you the entire week because it didn’t really vary much between days.


Before my workout: Chocolate S’mores All Access Bar and Vitality Elevate Amino Boost Drink

Breakfast: Shakeology w/ a Banana

Snack: Omelet w/ spinach, tomato, and peppers

Lunch: 4 oz ground turkey, 1 1/2 cups of lettuce and mixed veggies, 1/4 cup Pico de Gallo, 1/4 avocado, 2 Tbsp. light Italian dressing, and 1/8 cup of shredded cheese

Snack: 1/2 banana, 2 tsp peanut butter

Dinner: Turkey burger, Sweet potatoes, steamed veggies


Okay, here’s where it gets tricky (and I know good and well this messed with how much better my results could have been). Day 1, I followed the meal plan to a T. No cheats, no straying, nothing. Then day 2 came around and it was mostly downhill from there. I’m an imperfect person, and working on sticking to a meal plan is one of my biggest goals. It’ll happen one of these days! That’s the whole point of this blog; supporting mamas through the tough stuff. . .like eating kale.

Even though I kind of blew it with the meal plan, I did do my workouts every day, and boy did I work! It doesn’t matter that the workouts are only 25 minutes long, they are HARD. I have a Fitbit Charge 2 (which I LOVE, p.s.) and I was burning around 200 calories and averaging about 1500 steps just in those 25 minutes alone. That’s a lot!

Even though the workouts were repetitive, I never found myself getting bored with them. I think because the moves were so challenging, all I could focus on was being able to do the moves without modifying, and making sure my form was better every time I did it. I even found myself looking forward to doing the cardio (gasp!).

Now for the results!

Don’t mind my face, that’s what I get for letting my husband take my progress pictures 😉

Beginning Weight: 144 lbs
Beginning Measurements:

Chest: 36 in.

Left arm: 11 in.

Right arm: 10.5 in.

Waist: 30.5 in.

Hips: 34.25 in.

Left thigh: 23 in.

Right thigh: 23.5 in.

Week 1 Weight: 147 lbs
Week 1 Measurements:

Chest: 35 in.

Left arm: 11 in.

Right arm: 10.5 in.

Waist: 28.5 in.

Hips: 32 in.

Left thigh: 22.25 in.

Right thigh: 22.75 in.

Total Weight Change: 3 pound GAIN
Total Inches LOST: 6.75

Yep, you’re reading that right! I actually gained weight, but I lost almost SEVEN inches. In a week! As Chris Downing would say, that’s bananas! I’ve become a firm believer that the scale can suck it. If I’m losing inches and you can CLEARLY see a difference in just 25 minutes a day for 6 days, I really couldn’t care less what a number on a scale says.

So long story short, if you are thinking about doing Shift Shop, I would HIGHLY recommend it! Stay tuned for Week 2 & 3 progress reports and remember to subscribe! I will also be running a Shift Shop challenge group starting the last week in August, so NOW is the time to join! Head on over to my Let’s Chat! page and shoot me an email to get you started!


XOXO, Jasmin